3 New Year's Medication Resolutions

The new year is traditionally a time to think about ways to improve your health. As you resolve to exercise more, eat a healthier diet, and get more sleep, you might also think about making changes…

Heidi Godman

Reclaim Your Pre-pandemic Function

We've moved past some of the immediate effects of the pandemic, with many people returning to their previous physical activities. But some people are finding they're a bit worse off functionally than…

Heidi Godman

Eating Disorders in Midlife

What does an eating disorder look like? Likely to spring to mind is a young, waiflike woman strutting down a catwalk, bones protruding under her clothing. Yet her older sisters aren't immune to…

Maureen Salamon

Aiming for Longevity

Helen Mongelia's 102 years reflect the mysterious alchemy of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that coalesce to aid longevity. Fresh food, consistent movement, emotional resilience, and a…

Maureen Salamon

Tracking Blood Pressure at Home

Do you know your blood pressure numbers? The odds are you don't. Nearly half of U.S. adults have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, yet estimates suggest only one-third of those with…

Matthew Solan

Natural Ways to Boost Energy

As men age, many factors affect their energy levels. Muscle mass naturally declines, which makes it harder to stay active. Diet may become less healthy, and sleep more erratic. The body also…

Matthew Solan

5 Tips to Help You Age Well

Do you want to keep healthy and independent longer? You’ll need to develop good habits and know when to accept some help.