Legendary Syrian poet Muhammad al-Maghout depicts an Arab reality that everyone knows and fears but only alludes to in whispers

Hashem Al Jahdali

Devastation inflicted by political conflict happens gradually, over weeks, months and sometimes years, resulting in far more casualties

The agreement comes at a time where balance in oil markets, global security, and economic stability are absolutely crucial

Faisal Fayeq

White House says that democratic values must remain a hallmark of the US-Israeli relationship in veiled warning

Con Coughlin

Despite the coherent testimony presented by Shou, Congress members treated the CEO disgracefully and chose to look past the facts

Khaled Kassar

Chechen fighters are willing to align themselves with almost any party — as long as Russia is the common enemy

Haid Haid

The joint aim between Syria, Iran and Russia seems to be focused on pressuring US forces east of the Euphrates

Ibrahim Hamidi

Classic Hollywood movie pays tribute to Epictetus and his inner freedom theory

An examination of the role of Iran, China, Arab states, and the United States in the Middle East in the wake of a deal that renews diplomatic ties between Tehran and Riyadh

Majed Kayali

Russian commanders who were involved in Ukraine war are trying to make up for their poor performance there

Haid Haid

Voices that call for reason and reflection are more often than not ignored

Houssam Itani

The path to ending oil dependence will be naturally fraught with challenges but undertaking structural reforms will help smooth bumps in the road