Other states are waiting to see the regional implications of a New World Order before deciding on normalising relations with Damascus

Ibrahim Hamidi

The Russia-Ukraine War is the latest manifestation of the weaponisation of money, food and energy — a practice deeply rooted in history

Toufic Chanbour

The new alliance has certainly provoked an angry response from Beijing, which has denounced the formation of Aukus as an illegal act of nuclear proliferation

Con Coughlin

Rising interest rates and the fight against inflation has badly bruised balance sheets across finance. Serious consequences are starting to become clear and its putting pressure on central banks

Khaled Kassar

Moscow's withdrawal from a nuclear agreement and huge shifts in defence policy from Japan and Germany mean that the gloves are truly off in the race for military readiness

Muawiyah and others should be taken out of the sectarian and denominational debate space. A TV show about him should not provoke strife or discordrn

Houssam Itani

A discussion about China's diplomatic approach and how this offers a more practical solution to the region

Becky Shen

Escaping this cycle depends on the progress of the three 'R's: Recession, Russia and (interest) Rates

Toufic Chanbour

Two prominent visits were paid last year to Saudi Arabia, which had — and will continue to have — a significant impact on the region and the world…

Ibrahim Hamidi

A visit to Uzbekistan last year prompted the idea that calligraphy in architecture can add meaning and identity to the cities of today

Reem Al-Kamali

Al-Assad is trying to push a false narrative that the Syrian capital is a safe haven

Haid Haid

Time has proven that al-Assad not only owes his survival to Iran and Russia but is happy to be a part of the Iranian project in the region

Alia Mansour