Since the Hamas attacks of 7 October, Israeli officials and pundits have taken to the airwaves, accusing the group of an array of crimes, which Israel is itself committing but to a much worse extent

Nikolaos van Dam

The victors of conflict have typically evaded accountability for their crimes. South Africa stands out as an exception, showing that post-war societies can move on if justice is distributed equally.

Houssam Itani

HTS leader al-Jolani walks back treason accusations against group members, but instead of quelling division and animosity, it has had the opposite effect

Haid Haid

A weaker China will directly impact the bottom line of global companies but could also provide aspiring markets with opportunities to leverage their own labour forces

Shirley Ze Yu

As Israel becomes increasingly isolated globally and Biden hardens his stance, Hamas sees the tide of the conflict turning in its favour

Con Coughlin

Biden's unequivocal support of Israel stands out. Not only did he provide it with massive amounts of financial aid and support, but he is a self-professed and proud Zionist.

Ibrahim Hamidi

US forces on the Syria-Iraq border obstruct Iran's efforts to establish a corridor from Tehran to the Mediterranean. It will try to encourage them to leave by confronting their allies, Syria's Kurds.

Malek Al-Rouqi

China accounts for about 40% of global growth. Any slowdown in its economy will undoubtedly have dramatic global repercussions.

Khaled Kassar

This is especially true in the northwest of the country where 4.1 million people require humanitarian assistance and 3.7 million are food insecure

Haid Haid

Army general Abdel Fattah al-Burhan's refusal to attend an IGAD summit in January casts doubt on the bloc's ability to bring Sudan's warring factions together

Shawgi Abdelazim

Why you should not read too much into Iran's 'withdrawal' from Syria

Alia Mansour

EU countries increasingly uneasy over Israel's brutal assault on Gaza are reluctant to participate in military action against the Houthis, which further complicates their efforts to reach a ceasefire.

Con Coughlin