Hamas offensive on Israel unlike any attack seen before

Diana Estefania Rubio

Hamas offensive on Israel unlike any attack seen before

As the coming days of the "state of war" between Israel and Hamas drag on, it is important to highlight how this latest episode of conflict is unlike anything seen before.

Not only did Hamas start the war, but it is also the first time a ground invasion has crossed the Green Line into Israeli territory — a move even Hezbollah never dared to attempt.

On Saturday, 7 October, the military wing of the Hamas movement, Al-Qassam Brigades, launched a surprising offensive dubbed Operation Al Aqsa Flood which included a barrage of over 5,000 rockets and missiles from the Gaza Strip towards Israel at dawn.

Simultaneously, their fighters breached the eastern border, confronting Israeli army border points and targeting military vehicles with precision anti-tank Kornet-guided missiles.

It is too early to predict the potential outcome of hostilities, but for now, Israel is raining down missiles on Gaza and cutting off electricity, food and water as a form of collective punishment.

While the international community has called for restraint, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared a "state of war" and promised Israel will win it.

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