The rise or fall of Iraq

Escaping the ‘state of chaos’ and the US-Iran clash

Escaping the ‘state of chaos’ and the US-Iran clash
Sebastien Thibault
Escaping the ‘state of chaos’ and the US-Iran clash

The rise or fall of Iraq

Iraq has reached a pivotal moment in its history, two decades after the US-led international coalition invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein's regime. The latest issue of Al Majalla takes a comprehensive look at the country's past, present, and future.

The April issue explores multiple scenarios for Iraq's future, outlines paths to escape the "Republic of Chaos" and maps out the country’s myriad militias and internal divisions. It also looks back at Saddam Hussein's execution, and tries to track down his remains and the noose he was hanged with.

Continuing with the coverage, a former American diplomat shares his post-invasion experiences, amid an ongoing debate in the US Congress over the controversial "use of force" authorisation, which was passed 20 years ago.

IS legacy and Blackwater

Al Majalla also investigates the continued threat posed by the Islamic State following its territorial defeat in 2019 and revisits the haunting events that took place in Fallujah, where several American mercenaries were killed and their corpses were hung from the city's bridge.

The cover story also examines the complex relationship between the Kurds and Baghdad, looks at the the Iraqi economy in numbers, and reviews Iraqi and international films centred around the war.

Additionally, Al Majalla provides a rare glimpse into the secret 1987 meeting between Saddam Hussein and Hafez al-Assad through official Syrian documents.

‘Mistakes were made’

On his part, former US National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks with Al Majalla about his views on Iraq, the region, and the world. Although he defends the war as a "superb campaign," he acknowledges that political mistakes were made.

As Iraq navigates its uncertain future, Al Majalla’s April dossier provides a thorough and insightful review of the country's past and present while offering valuable perspectives on its prospects for the future.

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