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The Invitation
The Invitation

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The Invitation ★★

Directed by: Jessica M. Thompson

Genre: Horror [US]

Screenings: Cinemas.

Despite director Thompson's efforts to break free from the cycle of repeated horror films in which events occur after the heroes of those films visit a place or time that he should not have visited, the "Invitation" is unable to break free from the circle of expectations. Yes, there is a desire to broaden the discussion by addressing class and racism, but these two issues, in particular, have become as commonplace as table salt. 

Nathalie Emmanuel, a New Yorker, seizes the opportunity to unravel the family tree via mysterious DNA, opening the door to horrific events, characters, and a history filled with things that should not have been returned to.

The film draws passing attention from time to time, and there are a few small surprises at the end that will please some. On the other hand, one character is primarily written as a combination of intelligence and naivety.

Final Judgment: It will pass through the tunnel of forgotten films.




Achrome ★★★

Directed by Maria Egnatenko

Genre: Wars (Russia)

Selected Screenings.

"Achrome" finds a different voice among the many treatments offered by the films that take place during WWII, thanks to sound planning and execution. I want them to make a film that is based on reality and facts, but is poetic. Maris, the hero, enters the war naive and emerges in revolt. He is a man who lives in a small house in an eastern European village with his brother and his brother's wife. During World War II, his brother takes him to join the warriors serving in the German army. Maris doesn't mind because, like chrome, his emotions are colorless.

No political culture forces or dissuades him from joining the occupiers. He later imitates the events Maris witnesses by giving him facial expressions that reflect his emotions. After his involvement in the extermination of refugees (Christians and Jews), it is an emotional treatment with a slow pace, though the film is always interesting.

Final Judgment: Overall, it's good and unique.




Barbarian ★★

Directed by Zack Cragger

Genre: Horror [US]

Gulf and International Screenings

Another woman, more secrets, and the same nightmare. Tess arrives at a house she had rented online on a rainy night to find that something has gone wrong and that there is a young tenant living in it. She has no choice but to spend the night with him, but the house is cursed with murderous spirits.

The makers of the film "If" successfully re-hit the target, relying on a believable story as a starting point before venturing into fantastical directions with inexplicable motives. One of the viewers' questions is why she insists on going underground despite the fact that she is naturally afraid of unpleasant surprises and is aware of the dangers of what she is doing.

The concept is good (a homeless woman in the rain at night), but in the end, it's just another story that stumbles before finishing.

Final Judgment: It was lifted from a video game, and it was best to leave it there.




Avatar ★★★★

Directed by James Cameron

Genre: Sci-Fi [US]

Commercial Screenings.

This iconic film is being re-released 13 years after its initial release in order to lay the groundwork for the new film Avatar 2, which will hit theatres before the end of the year.

Everything about this film is new and exciting, from the design to the directing and character writing. A military expedition sent a spy to investigate the intentions of the planet's inhabitants, but the young man falls in love and adopts a different understanding of the reality of the military presence on that peaceful planet.

Director Cameron took great care in drawing wonderful and unusual designs for a planet in which the reasons for comfort and beauty are distributed until the conflict between the owners of the country and the invaders begins.  This, of course, reminds us of the white man's invasion of the United States and the entire Latin continent, as well as what happened to the indigenous owners of the country.

Final Judgment: A distinct classic film.


Against the Ice


Against The Ice ★★★

Directed by Peter Flinth

Genre: Adventure [Denmark-English-Speaking]

Screenings: Netflix.

"Against the Snow" is a Danish film by Peter Flinth based on true events that began in 1910 and lasted more than two years, resulting in a difficult life experience that is not often repeated. The story of two men who set out on an arduous journey to the North Pole on the first of the third month of that year.

The trip was supposed to last a few months, during which they would establish Danish ownership of some of the continent's snowy regions.

But then the difficulties begin, and the two men find themselves defending themselves from predatory animals and falling from high mountains, and one of them enters a temporary state of insanity. Narratively and artistically, the film is almost faultless, save for the fact that the scenes of madness (which take the form of hallucinations) appear to lengthen the story slightly.

Final Judgment: Definitely worth watching.


Last Journey of Paul W.R.


Last Journey of Paul W.R.★★

Directed by Romain Quirot

Genre: Science Fiction [US]

Gulf Screenings.

All that is required to save our planet from Mars is the hero of this film, Paul W.R. According to the story, he is the only astronaut who will be able to face the red planet's invasion, and he sets out to complete this mission before vanishing (as this same movie will do after a while).

The limited budget prevented a boring man from carrying the film (and some of the other actors are even worse!). The music used is plagiarized. The story required better execution because it was a good idea in and of itself.

: Weak or average | ★★: Mediocre with merits| ★★★: Good | ★★★★: Excellent | ★★★★★: A masterpiece

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