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The Legend of Molly Johnson
The Legend of Molly Johnson

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Directed by Leah Purcell

Genre: Western [Australia]

Screenings: Movie theaters only.

Leah Purcell writes, directs, and portrays pages from Australia's dark history, when white immigrants conquered the country's vast lands and sentenced its natives to exile in the deserts or extermination. The heroine of the film finds herself and her two sons in grave danger when one of these citizens seeks refuge on her farm. He is not a normal citizen, but a murderer who is fugitive from justice. Purcell creates a film that deals with both the present and the distant past (the events of 1893), and he finds the right opening to discuss white supremacy and guilt. But before and after that, the film is a thrilling formulation that benefits from its heroine's overwhelming presence and a good portrayal of herself as a woman who will not hesitate to kill if she feels threatened.

Final Judgment: It's entertaining if you can get past the dialect barrier.





Directed by Baltasar Kormakur

Genre: Adventures [US]

Gulf and International Screenings.

You can't blame the film's hero (Idris Elba) for enjoying hunting predators in (what's left of) Africa's jungles. But you can't blame him if he decides to bring his two young daughters along. Nonetheless, when a hungry lion roams the area and the father must defend himself and his two daughters. This suspense thread adds a good effect to the overall story. The film is uncommon these days because it is based on a story that existed during the time of Tarzan and the African bush. Today, where McDonald’s is located in the vicinity of those forests, the resulting effect on him is entirely dependent on the director's skill, and this is what occurs.

Final Judgment: It deserves to be watched because of its originality and execution.


Day Shift


Directed by J.J. PERRY

Genre: Action / Thriller [US]


Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) works as a pool cleaner for the wealthy of the San Fernando Valley during the day. He works in a different occupation at night as a vampire hunter with two friends. For a while, it appears that the film will present itself as an interesting piece of work. There are no mental preoccupations, only fun as entertainment. However, after the introduction and establishment of the story, it devolves into a series of events that do not mesh well with one another, increasing the viewer's confusion and raising questions such as why he should follow this movie, and even why this is a movie in the first place. Jamie Foxx struggles to deliver an impressive performance.

Final Judgment: Violent and cartoonish characters.



PREY ★★★

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg

Genre: War [US]


This is the fifth film in the Predator series, but it takes place 300 years before Arnold Schwarzenegger's first encounter with the deadly monster in 1987. The location is a Native American reservation. The beast is identical. It falls from the sky and changes its gel-like shape at will. He is a predatory hunter who poses a threat to the tribe's members, but only Naru (Amber Madthunder) is capable of defeating him. There is a level variation in the later parts of this series, but, still the first film is the best, and this one comes in second.

Final Judgment: Without any special effects, a hunter and his prey.


The Killer


Directed by Jae-Hoon Choi

Genre: Action [South Korea]

Gulf Screenings.

The story of a professional killer named Bang (as in the sound of bullets when Bang Bang goes off) who decides to retire (played by Jang Hyuk) after years of service. He has enough records to wrap a dozen sandwiches in, but the law has not caught up with him, nor has he been killed during any of the missions, but he has remained steadfast in the face of the challenges he has undertaken. He'd like to retire if things hadn't gone as planned, but now he's trying to save a girl from murder, killing, untying, and breaking the arms of anyone who gets in his way.

Final Judgment: For quick Fun.


Thirteen Lives​​​​​​


Directed by Ron Howard

Genre: Thriller (US)

International Screenings.

The real-life events occurred in northern Thailand in 2018, when 13 young men attempted to explore a mountain cave. A few hours later, a flood engulfed the cave, trapping them inside with no way out. The film tells the story of these people as well as the rescue team, which began working immediately and encountered numerous difficulties. Director Ron Howard also triumphs over adversity.

The plot is well-known, but the director creates a drama of situations and characters that fills the atmosphere with appropriate suspense. The cast includes Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell, and Joel Edgerton.

Final Judgment: Better than the director's previous films.



★: Weak or average | ★★: Mediocre with merits| ★★★: Good | ★★★★: Excellent | ★★★★★: A masterpiece

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