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Last Seen Alive
Last Seen Alive

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Directed by Brian Goodman 

Genre: Suspense General Screenings

The emergence of films depicting massive forces, battles, and effects, aided by the proliferation of animation films, prevents films such as "Last Seen Alive" from obtaining appropriate screening opportunities. Many critics also avert their gaze and settle for a cursory, unrepentant glance at any good film simply because it is a police or suspense film outside of the major ones.

This movie is one of the casualties. A story about a couple driving to the home of the wife's parents. They pull over at a gas station, and the wife vanishes from view as she is kidnapped by a man. What happens as a result of this situation is unpredictable (unlike in many films when you know before it happens). Gerard Butler's (husband), Jaimie Alexander's (wife), and Russell Hornsby's (detective) performances are excellent, and the ending makes the viewer miss this serious and poignant style of film.

Final Judgment: Great, especially for genre enthusiasts.


Extra Terrestrial


Directed By Steven Spielberg

Genre: Science Fiction General Screenings

40 years after its initial release, a restored version of one of Spielberg's most famous and successful films is returning to theatres around the world. Everything about this film shone with unusual brilliance in 1982. Looking back at him, one can see the scope of the naive emotion on which the director bases his story: an imaginative boy meets a strange alien left behind by a spacecraft.

The boy will work to keep the alien from being detained by the authorities. The narrative's familiar fluidity and the search for fault lines between young and old do their best to cast a social shadow over a topic that was new at the time.

Final Judgment: Still worth watching.


The Gray Man


Directed By Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Genre: Action International and Internet Screenings

Despite the art of assembling flying scenes, everything is predictable. A movie based on action-packed loud sounds, scenes starring the director and punches, kicks, and hand-to-hand effects isn't worth $200 million.

Some of these scenes are inventive, such as the battle inside a burning plane, but the effect fades when the scene ends. What comes after may not be as powerful. Ryan Gosling takes on a new (and unconvincing) role as a spy who battles everyone sent by the CIA to kill him.

It is a film filled with quickly changing situations and successive battles, so that the viewer does not have to look for the story. Every few minutes, a transition between times (past and present) and several different locations in various parts of the world, causes one to succumb to follow-up rather than seek clarity.

Final Judgment: It can be overlooked without remorse.


Bodies Bodies Bodies


Directed By Halina Reijn

Genre: Horror Gulf and International Screenings

A group of friends gather in a remote house for one of them to throw a soiree party. They decide to take part in a lottery game. Whoever draws a specific card must eliminate one member of the two groups. There are powerful moments of mystery and horror, but the script (along with the film) introduces a tedious repetition. There are some arrows in the plot aimed at the wealthy who do not have higher goals in life, but this is also true of the film.

Final Judgment: From horror to cheap murder.


Easter Sunday


Directed By Jay Chandrasekhar

Genre: Comedy International Screenings

Actor Jo Koy, whose character the film revolves around, is a successful television comedian, and this is his first film woven from the story of Asian-American Ken Cheng, which is full of contrasts between every two or more people.

It tells the story of a large family that comes together to celebrate Easter. One of them is actor Joe, who must spend time resolving unexpected family conflicts. The film has a good comedic tone and good writing, but the directing is similar to that of television commercials.

 Final Judgement: 50-50 Like Rating


Bullet Train


Directed By David Leitch

Genre: Action International Screenings

Brad Pitt has announced that his time as an actor is coming to an end. Given the quality of this film, he should follow it up with a better film so that people don't remember him negatively. It's a highly fabricated story about a half-dozen train-car passengers, each of whom has a bag of cash to keep. They are not just any passengers, but professional killers, including Brad Pitt, who has had much better films and roles than this one.

Final Judgment: It looks like a snippet from previous films.


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