Hamas after Gaza

In the wake of the war in Gaza, Hamas will not remain the group we know. It, and the broader Middle East landscape, are poised for significant transformation.

Lina Jaradat

Hamas after Gaza

In the wake of the war in Gaza, Hamas will not be the same group as we know it. Hamas and the broader Middle East landscape are poised for significant transformation. The aftermath will reveal not only a rehabilitated Hamas but also a new Israel and, potentially, a 'new Middle East'.

The "day after" scenario is not dictated by any regional or international player; rather, it emerges from a complex interplay of forces. This pivotal moment involves a covert struggle between original stakeholders and proxies, each shaping the future narrative.

Al Majalla’s May cover story delves deep into the prospective evolution of Hamas—an organisation that has kept the region on tenterhooks. Drawing from historical parallels—particularly the Palestinian experience—we explore the different possibilities for Hamas's future. For instance, a similar scenario occurred in the summer of 1982 when Israeli forces besieged Palestine Liberation Organisation Chairman Yasser Arafat in Beirut.

Arafat pledged to fight for six months. However, under pressure from his allies in the Soviet Union, opposition from the Americans, strikes by the Israelis, and deals with the Syrians, he found himself on exile boats to Tunisia in August 1982.

Our cover story includes exclusive documents detailing Arafat’s final days in Beirut, providing a poignant backdrop to our analysis of 'Hamas after Gaza'.

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