Relation Between Man and Animals: Hideous Cowardice

Abdelkader Zaoui
Abdelkader Zaoui

Relation Between Man and Animals: Hideous Cowardice

Human beings like to believe that they are the Earth’s finest and wisest living creatures, and also the most beneficial to the universe because they are the creature most capable of investing and developing. Therefore, they tend to display a great degree of resentment against any deterioration that could hit their surroundings, especially the climatic changes that are taking place, and the massive rise in the global temperature that has negative repercussions on the environment and man’s living conditions.

Amidst the ecstatic illusions of sophistication and distinction, man deliberately forgets that his narcissism, primitive instincts, and greed for arrogance and domination are the main factors for the outbreak of wars and conflicts and the resulting destruction, displacement, and victims. They are also the main cause of the deterioration of the environment, climate change, depletion of natural resources, and the disasters and outbreaks of pandemics and incurable diseases that threaten the very survival of humankind on Earth.

Man takes pride in sin. He dignifies himself to bear the tragedies that hits his species. Man’s selfishness pushes him to search for other reasons but himself to justify disasters. He decides to blame it on animals and does not hesitate from time to time to even accuse the vegetation cover, to hold anyone but himself responsible of any human atrocity. Nonetheless, he realizes deep down that his accusations are not true, but he does not care if what he claims is a mere slander against other living beings. He is confident that they are unable to stand for themselves, and no one can hear their moans but their Creator.

AIDS spread at the beginning of the 1980s. Man forcibly turned a blind eye to the real causes behind its spread, which he knows is a remnant of the spread of homosexuality without any moral or religious oversight, and without taking primary medical precautions. However, his love for himself prevents him from looking in the mirror, so he does not hesitate to point fingers at others. There was nothing better to blame in this case than chimpanzees. This poor animal is only guilty of having a natural behavior somewhat similar to that of humans, but it will not be able to refute the accusations fabricated against it.

There are many types of influenza. There is the severe, the moderate, and the mild. As people had ignored the causes of its spread, its types have mutated as a result of the growth of urban housing and the exponential growth of cement forests regardless of the standards for healthy recreational and sports facilities and of the need for green spaces that give clean air and provide a healthy environment. Man, once again blamed animals and even began to master the accusations against these creatures and started inspecting differences among different types of flu. He attributed some to birds, others to swine, and even to horses. No one knows which animals will be blamed in the future. Man’s selfishness is deeply rooted, and he does not lack the imagination to cast his villainy on other innocent living creatures.

An unfamiliar virus took man by surprise, forcing him to imprison himself, isolate himself from others, and freeze all his activity. Suddenly he found himself weak, paralyzed, but the inherent laziness in him was still there, as he was contempt with considering the virus a novelty and calling it Corona.

As always, man was unable to trace back the source of this virus. People started exchanging accusations among themselves about the virus’ origin. There were many speculations about its source, is it natural or lab-made? And if it was manufactured, in which laboratories? Man feared that his skirmishes would turn into disputes, so his usual stupidity and shallow thinking could only attribute the cause of this germ to the smallest and laziest bird, the bat. By such an assumption, he missed out that this bird only moves at night, and therefore the times of its contact with humans are limited, and the probability of it transmitting the infection is almost non-existent.

Man’s defamation of animals does not seem to stop. The pox is back, and man does not seem to think twice about obliterating the real reasons for this return, which is in unnatural sexual practices. Man, therefore falsely and shamelessly claims that monkeys in general stand behind the epidemic. In fact, he went even further in his accusations, so he rushed to attribute one of the epidemic’s mutants to tomatoes, disregarding all the facts about the health and nutritional benefits of tomatoes.

Are there any more hideous way of thinking and behavior than these?

This is a case of hideous cowardice perpetuated by human selfish practices. The worst thing is that international organizations that are supposed to be credible and enjoy scientific and intellectual integrity publish reports that reinforce this hideousness. The most recent example is the World Health Organization, which instead of inviting people to discipline their behavior, rationalize their desires and whims and curb them, when necessary, issued a general warning of the consequences of what it falsely claims to be the escalating frequency of transmission of various forms of infection from animals to humans. By doing so, it caused frenzy by hinting at the possibility of the emergence of a new virus that humanity will not be able to contain.

Man refuses to stop his defamation and accusation against animals, thanks to his contempt, vulgarity, and slander. The so-called politicians that are more of parasites across the world do not hesitate to compare each other to animals in an effort to camouflage the failure of their policies and mismanagement of public affairs and their failure to perform their duties. One describes the other as a wolf and the other responds by likening him to a donkey, and a third one shamelessly describes his opponents as dogs. Meanwhile, none of them enjoy the guidance prowess of the wolf that could not tamed in the circus, nor the loyalty of the dog, not to mention the strength and endurance of the donkey.

It seems that the modern man is in need of rereading Ibn al-Muqaffa’ so that his growing arrogance and greed do not kill him.

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