Religious Unity During Ramadan

French-Tunisian businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi
French-Tunisian businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi

Religious Unity During Ramadan

Easter, Passover, and Ramadan were held this year at the same period. It is a strong sign for our three dominant religions, insofar as through these holidays, the Christians, Jews, and Muslims share the same values and principles reflecting an image of an open society where we can live in harmony.

After living through an intriguing and complex pandemic, and as we are slowly resuming our lives, we are facing several crises. The war in Ukraine is worrying us all, it is shaking our lives once again and seems to be leading us to higher energy prices and food shortages that are again distressing many of us.

I insist that we shall learn from what we have endured for many months and we shall also focus on short, medium, and long term solutions.

Many of you think that I am privileged. However, those who know me know how attached I am to subjects related to the future of the human being.

For many years, my team and I have been aware of the importance of anchoring ourselves to a different pattern of consumption and addressing sustainable ecological solutions, in particular through approaching green energy solutions that will cross eras. The survival of our planet is at stake but so is the legacy we will leave to our children.

For too long, communities are being decimated for matters of no importance to our humanity as a whole. Despite that, Marseille no longer has to prove its capabilities, as it is an interethnic city of solidarity. I admire this population that has been able to write its own history through many eras.

We still have room to make progress together, there is an economic potential that must be exploited around countries of the Mediterranean basin. I am convinced that we can stimulate and pursue the construction of strong economic projects in this basin of life forming our gateway between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Let us not be afraid to develop social innovations leading to job creation and training in promising sectors for the future.

Following the request of many associations in Marseilles, I will come to meet you soon in order to share my entrepreneurial experience that I hope will benefit young people who will make history.


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