Sherihan Is Back in “Coco Chanel’

(Credit: Official Page on Instagram)
(Credit: Official Page on Instagram)

Sherihan Is Back in “Coco Chanel’

After an absence of 20 years from the cinema and theater, the Egyptian actress Sherihan will play the role of French fashion designer Coco Chanel in a new drama series that will be streamed on MBC’s Shahid starting July 20th.

“On the theater stage, I’m my own [real] self, in pleasing people. I’m excited to be with you on July 20th, “the actress said on social media this weekend.

This play is Sherihan's first work after her hiatus from acting. It depicts the life story of renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel and her world-renowned fashion brand, who despite her great fame had a humble beginning, as she was born in a poor house and after the death of her mother, was sent to an orphanage.

For many years, we listened and read many news items about the return of the Egyptian artist Sherihan to art, so that some became sure that it was just news that had no basis, and that Sherihan did not intend to return, despite the organization of a large press conference several years ago in which she announced her return. However, it remained a conference that did not followed by any practical steps.

It seems that Sherihan was already reluctant to return and postponed this step as much as possible for fear of the public's reaction. All that changed last Ramadan when she presented an advertisement to a telecommunications company, whose reception was surprising to Sherihan herself, as she confirmed on "Facebook". She topped all social media and search engines, minutes after the advertisement was displayed.

Sherihan's audience expressed their joy at her return and thirst for her art, especially as she reviewed in the advertisement the stages of her life and her having to stay away from art for many years. Moreover, her audience's reaction encouraged her to activate the artistic project, which she had agreed to present years ago with the "Al Adl Group" production company, and indeed she filmed the play "Coco Chanel".

In the first comment by Sherihan on the promo of the play, she wrote on her Twitter account: "Hard work, I hope that it will be admired by the MBC audience around the world and my beloved audience. Congratulations."

Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, had announced the return of the great star to the spotlight after several years of absence on the screen through the "Shahid VIP" platform, sponsored by the Entertainment Authority.

Al-Sheikh published Sherihan’s video through his Instagram account, and commented: “Stay Tuned .. The great star Sherihan to return to the spotlight after years of absence in a distinguished work on the Shahid platform, sponsored by the Entertainment Authority.”

It is noteworthy that the play "Coco Chanel" was written by Medhat Al-Adl, directed by Hadi Al-Bagouri, and stars with Sherihan, Ayman Al-Qaisoni and Inji Wejdan. The play has 9 musical performances, composed by composer Ehab Abdel Wahed.

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