Britain’s mortgage time bomb

With news just in that the Bank of England has decided to raise the base interest rate by a whopping half a percentage point, there is a definite air of economic crisis hanging over the UK today.

Bryn Haworth

The Never-Ending Brexit

It feels strange to have arrived at only the first anniversary of something that has dominated life in the United Kingdom for half a decade. For the British who wanted to leave the European Union,…

Anand Menon

Boris Johnson Risks Damaging Britain’s Global Standing

Ahead of a crucial round of talks between London and Brussels over the future trading relationship between the UK and the European Union, Boris Johnson is facing a backlash from the EU, US and from…

Al Majalla - London

Will Anyone Benefit from UK’s New Immigration Policy?

The UK Government has announced its post-Brexit “points-based immigration system”. The new system will keep the UK open to highly skilled workers from anywhere in the world, but will close the door…

Al Majalla - London