The decimation of Gaza in numbers

The decimation of Gaza in numbers

Israel's relentless aerial and artillery attacks on Gaza have turned it into a hellhole where death and destruction prevail in extremely complex humanitarian conditions without basic life services.

The Euro-Med Monitor has documented the killing of at least 14 Palestinians every hour, even before the recent massacre at the Baptist Hospital, as a result of Israel's military operation Operation Iron Swords in Gaza, in response to Hamas launching an armed attack on Israel called The Al-Aqsa Flood.

Basic services such as electricity, water, communications, and the internet are in short supply, posing unprecedented and serious threats to food security.

The international human rights monitor documented that Israel's attacks have destroyed 2,650 residential buildings and severely damaged approximately 70,000 residential units, resulting in the annihilation of at least 82 families in horrific collective killings. In addition, 65 government buildings were destroyed.

Israel's attacks also destroyed at least 71 schools, 145 industrial facilities, 61 media headquarters, the demolition of 18 mosques, and the damage to dozens of ancient churches and mosques.

Over 800,000 individuals were displaced. In addition, the Israeli army has warned the residents of Gaza and the northern regions of collective evacuations from their residential areas to head to the central and southern regions of Gaza.

The evacuation warnings for civilians were made without any announcement of halting air raids and aerial attacks and without any safety or return guarantees, amounting to a war crime in the form of forced transfer.

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