Abdullah Al-Mudayfer: Third Saudi Broadcaster to Interview KSA Crown Prince

Illustration by Ali Mandalawi
Illustration by Ali Mandalawi

Abdullah Al-Mudayfer: Third Saudi Broadcaster to Interview KSA Crown Prince

Abdullah Al-Mudayfer is a Saudi TV presenter, journalist, and former writer working in production, media consultancy, and television. He presents a weekly program called "In the Picture" in addition to the Ramadan program "Al-Liwan" on "Rotana Khaleejia" and "Rotana FM".

Last week, Al-Mudayfer the newsmaker became the news when he landed an interview with the Saudi Crown Prince – only the third journalist to get such access after journalists Turki al-Dakhil and Dawood al-Sharian. The interview was held on April 27th on the fifth anniversary of the launch of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and took place through his program "Al-Liwan" on the "Rotana Khaleejia" channel.

The Saudi interviewer was famous for talking boldly with his guests in multiple programs, such as the "Pulse of Speech" program, a previous Ramadan program known as “The core”, in addition to the Friday Meeting program. He also previously hosted elite names in several fields.

Born in 1982 in the city of Buraidah in the Qassim region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Mudayfer lived his entire childhood there. He graduated from the College of Sharia and Law  which was his first choice of study because he aspired first to work in the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution. Before entering the world of media and television production, Al-Mudayfer was a writer for the Saudi newspaper, Al Youm.

Al-Mudayfer began his media career through the gateway of drama and experimented with acting and directing and was famous for appearing in conservative films on religious channels such as "Al-Majd". In 2003, he wrote a script, acted, and directed the Saudi film "The Orphan Imad", and it was considered at that time one of the first religiously conservative Saudi films which were presented with the recordings of Uhud at the time. He also worked in Uhud’s Production and Marketing before moving from it in 2004. He also wrote and directed the movie "White Hatred".

After his acting and directing experience, Al-Mudayfer moved to work in television production. With his appearance, the Arab media witnessed one of the most important and daring speakers on the Gulf channels. He was unique in his contemporary presentation on each of the Gulf Rotana screens, Al-Rasala and MBC, and he became one of the most important media professionals in the Arab Gulf.

In May 2011, Al-Mudayfer presented about eleven episodes of the "Friday Meeting" program on the Gulf Rotana channel, and in Ramadan 2011 he presented the religious program "Nabd al-Kalam"(Speech pulse), which discussed several topics on Islamic jurisprudence and contemporary dealing with some Islamic religious teachings and traditions.

During Ramadan 2012, he began presenting the program "In-depth" on Rotana Khalijia and Al-Resala channel, which is a bold talk show for which Al-Mudayfer was  subjected to criticism because of his choice of guests topics covered and his frank questions. In late 2013, this program was stopped due to the  controversy it caused in public opinion.

In 2018, Al-Mudayfer returned to present the first season of the talk show "In the Picture", which was shown on the Gulf Rotana channel and hosted many people who shared their experiences and visions freely and smoothly.

In Ramadan 2019, he presented the dialogue program "Al-Liwan" on Rotana Khalijia and Rotana FM, and broke all the records, making it one of the most-watched programs in the Gulf.

In October 2019, he also continued presenting the second season of "In the picture" achieving the same success that this program reached in its first season.

During his work, Al-Mudayfer has stood out in direct conversations with figures influencing Saudi and Gulf public opinion and hosted many ministers, princes and senior state men, the most prominent of whom are: Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, the advisor to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Governor of Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region, Prince Turki Al-Faisal and Prince Al-Walid bin Talal.

Although such a public figure, Al-Mudayfer fiercely guards his privacy and that of his family.  The newsmaker therefore knows very well how to generate headlines without becoming the news himself!

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