China tops sovereign wealth funds globally

Diana Estefana Rubio

China tops sovereign wealth funds globally

The number and value of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) grew steadily during the last decades. Seventy-three new sovereign wealth funds were established worldwide between 2010 and 2022. That is 23 more wealth funds than the decade before that and a higher number than all newly established sovereign wealth funds during the years before 2000.

Asia, the Middle East and North Africa are the most prominent regions when it comes to assets under management of SWFs, with countries such as China and the United Arab Emirates managing trillions of dollars in SWF assets, only one European country made it into the top ten highest-ranked nations by SWF assets.

China overall has the highest value of assets under the management of sovereign wealth funds. It has two of the world's four most significant sovereign wealth funds: China Investment Corporation (CIC) and the fourth largest, State Administration of Foreign Exchanges.

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